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Psicologia / Psychology



P. H. Kahn Jr., R. L. Severson, J. H. Ruckert, The Human Relation with Nature and Technological Nature  PDF


R. Berger, J. McLeod, Incorporating Nature into Therapy: a framework for practice  PDF


J. Hillman, A Psyche the Size of the Earth. A Psycologycal Foreword  PDF


J. Davis, Psychological benefits of Nature experiences: an outline of Research and Theory. With Special Reference to Transpersonal Psychology   PDF


A.J.AdhĂ©mar, Nature as clinical psychological intervention : evidence, applications and implications   PDF


C.Maller, M.Townsend, L.St Leger, Healthy Parks, Healthy People: The Health Benefits of Contact with Nature in a Park Context   PDF


J. Ottosson, The Importance of Nature in Coping. Creating increased understanding of the importance of pure experiences of nature to human health   PDF


M.G. Berman J,Jonides,S Kaplan, The Cognitive Benefits of Interacting With Nature   PDF


R. Kaplan, S. Kaplan, The Experience of Nature. A Psychological Perspective (Introduction)   PDF


W. Bird, Natural Thinking   PDF


 J. Hinds, P. Sparks, The Affective Quality of Human-Natural Environment Relationships   PDF


V. Nicholls, T. Gray, Sense and Sensibility: Reality and Romanticism in Human/ Nature Relationships   PDF




Ecopsicologia / Ecopsychology


M. Hoelterhoff, Advice from a sceptic: There is room for naturalism in ecopsychology  PDF


A. Fisher, Radical Ecopsychology, Part I Ground Work, 1. The Project of Ecopsychology  PDF

J. V. Davis, Ecopsychology, Transpersonal Psychology and Nonduality  PDF

L. E. Brown, Ecopsychology and the Environmental Revolution. An Environmental Foreword   PDF

D. St. John, D. A. MacDonald, Developmentt and Initial Validation of a measure of Ecopsychological Self  PDF


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